random happenings

Eternal Amor

Am I cool for sticking a Spanish word in that title? Probably not.. moving on.

As we all know, that one beloved, and ironically hated, holiday is rolling around the corner. Hearts, red, pink, white, the very idea of love is splashed around storefront windows everywhere. It is literally impossible to go by more than one store without some sort of Valentine’s advertisement: “buy red for your special day!” “Sweets for your sweetheart!” “Heart shaped [insert random item, most likely edible, here]!”

Now don’t get me wrong. I love love. I mean, who doesn’t? By definition, humans are social beings. We want love, we need love to function. Of any sort, really. But why am I not a fan of Valentine’s day? Somehow, the origin of St. Valentine marrying people illegally in ancient Rome has turned into an overly commercialized holiday just containing everything they could have possibly squeezed out for a profit. This holiday is love, but it’s really more money.

On a related note, who wants to buy me some chocolate?


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