What I need

Denali, Alaska. Damn, that place was a beaut.

The air was so clear there and every breath I took just felt like I was taking in a lungful of what I desperately need every single day of my life–like drinking a glass of bright and soury sweet homemade lemonade, bought off the street from some kid in the neighborhood, on a hot summer day.

It was all a caressed beauty with rivers flowing and ubiquitous trees and dull grass. Caribou, dall sheep, black bears, and delicate little birds were everywhere, a little bit hard to see at times, but nonetheless, it was clear, like the air, that this space was shared by more than just a busload of tourists.

I would say I wish I was there right now, but I’m not so sure about the state of un-frozenness it’s in, given this chilly time of the year. Weather here in Indiana is warming up though, and so is life.

random happenings

What I need


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