quagmires, thoughts

You sea

A voice asked me what this was
And all I could say that there was no cause
Nothing I have to give up,
Nobody I gave up to have.

dreams had me on a bit of a short leash–
which doesn’t make sense but that’s how it’ll be
I just wanna be free,
leave everything behind me.

And I had nothing left to hide
not even money in my mind
I had a box stowed away in my head that always stayed

You let my hands go and I almost died
Fell on my back, just sat there and cried.
You pulled me back on string I was a puppet at your need
And all I need is something you have yet to see:
That’s not hate, or love, or me.
It’s us, you and me, the sea.

A pencil sat there alone.
I picked it up, I laughed, I said hello
while you just sat there and groaned;
You say goodbye to all we know.

So don’t stop me when I go
though everyone’s now alone
I still don’t want to be alone, I need some warmth–that you know.

You let my hands go and I just went and flied,
Fell on my back but that’s alright, I’ll survive
You pulled me on a string, but I’m no puppet can you see?
All I need know is something I still have yet to find:
That’s not you, or us, just me,
It’s me, it’s love, the sea.


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