little blurbs

I look like a frog.

Life is full of funny little things. Exhibit A:

It was pretty late at night, and I was doing my homework on the dining table and there was a small, cut-out, black-and-white picture I had taken of myself to attach to a fake job application for Spanish class. My mom glanced over at the picture and asked me, “What is that?”

“It’s a picture of me… How do you not recognize your own daughter??”

“Oh. I thought it was a frog.”

According to my mother, I look like a frog. The resemblance is actually probably somewhat there…

Anyway, I thought this exchange was kind of a funny thing. Then again, my perception of funny at 11 pm is probably somewhat skewed, since every night when I’m listening to music and working and sitting, I’m thinking about how great everything is and smiling at the sheer fact that I have wonderful people surrounding me wherever I go. That kind of feeling makes me giddy about everything, even when my mom tells me I resemble a frog. Then again, frogs are cute, right?


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