A toast to life

Here’s to life meaning staying up till 1:30 every night quietly stressing out sitting by your computer the only light in the world coming from your screen.

Here’s to life full of stress and worry about the same old things and never forgetting those same old things because the new ones are just the same ones.

Here’s to life with essays and applications and word limits when all you want to do is write write write about what makes you happy in life and why.

Here’s to life completely dissolved in bad solutions that are deceptions and conclusions that shouldn’t have been jumped to but people did anyway.

Here’s to life looking at friends’ faces and forgetting why you love them so much and you know you do but sometimes it’s just hard to remember why it’s that way.

Here’s to life hearing everything people say but not listening because everything means nothing to you and there’s no significance in words so strong.

Here’s to life consuming what’s put in front of you without thinking what is going inside your body or what you’ve begun to believe and change.

Here’s to life thinking about all that is going to change and crying about possibly never remembering a day of what is most important to you today.

Here’s to life with it all.

Here’s to life with you all.

Here’s to life,

Here’s to life.


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