Limit to infinity

It is impossible to imagine a world where there are no limitations. They exist everywhere, in the form of carrying capacities, societal expectations, financial barriers, geographic boundaries, time—these are all very real limitations that have continued to exist, whether we’ve liked it or not. I can’t even begin to dream what I would do in a world where I am not bounded by anything. My mind primarily jumps to flying, stopping time, and reading minds—things outside the realm of possibility. But as humans, we want to make possible change.

Frederick Douglass said that “if there is no struggle, there is no progress.” Limitations are what cause struggle. Defying them requires substantial effort, effort that is appreciated, recognized, and, hopefully, ultimately successful. I want to progress our world, and to do that, there has to be struggle. There must be limitations for me to defy.

All humans have experienced a world with so many of these limitations. If there were none, life would be much simpler. Everyone could attain a career that both made them happy and sustained a healthy lifestyle. Everyone would have access to clean drinking water, be free of disease, literate, and fundamentally happy. This is an ideal world, one that is procured when all of those societal expectations, financial barriers, and geographic boundaries do not matter. It is a world many of us dream of, but in order for it to become a reality, limitations must cease to exist. The first step in living in a world like this would be to break boundaries.

It can only be done with an open mind and an open heart, and not just from one person, but from all of us. It might be the hardest step in creating an ideal world, but it is the one I want to work on. I want to defy limits to build a world where there are none, a world where people feel like they can do anything and truly can. This is my dream, the purpose that drives me. I have to start somewhere, and I would like that somewhere to be everywhere. I would go to each country, nation, society, and learn the language, the key to understanding culture, and grasp how each place can be influenced to become a piece of a supreme world. I want others, and myself, to be able to experience life without limits.


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