A roundabout

Who is this mysterious, unknown, seemingly wise and wonderful author of this blog?

Well, based on that question that she worded for herself, we can already agree on one thing: she is not modest.

But really, I am her, I am Clarissa, I am the person you can look to as the author of most words that have been published on this blog.
I am:
A student
A thinker
A dweller
A creator
A pun-loving jokester
A weirdo
A happy weirdo
A laugher
An observer (oops, I ruined the string of As)
An analyst
A music enthusiast
An environmentalist
A guitar player
A singer
A dreamer.

Among these things, I love many things in life (I am also perturbed by other things, but let’s focus on the positive for now):

Chacos and water (and both together):


Food (yum):


Art (and making it):


People (yes, I am the dopey looking one):


And, to sum it up, this is generally how I feel about life:

image                image


I hope this gives you some insight into the woman behind the curtain. I’m really not that mysterious at all. I’m just a human, like you and you and you..


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