little blurbs


“Here we are.”

I gasped for a bit of breath as I took my final stride up the hill. It wasn’t really one of exasperation, just unatheleticness (I remember the last time I ran a mile– it was freshman year gym and the only bad grade that tainted my line of As).

“Are you okay?”

We made eye contact for the first time in 30 minutes. My eyes had been set on the dirt that moved beneath my feet, or the dirt that I moved over, whichever it was. Now i faced pools of blue, against more of the same.

“You haven’t said anything this whole time.”

I didn’t move. My face made no adjustments. I stood and I drowned.

“Okay, then.”

We broke our shared gaze. I jumped out of the pools and found myself gasping for air again.

little blurbs

when the song ends

slowly i will forget you. The soft sound that loudly embraced love like no other. the music you played me. The music you were. the songs you liked that i listened to because i loved. the songs we shared. i will forget what your voice sounds like when its singing me to sleep. i will forget because otherwise i will imagine it. i will know it is away from me.