little blurbs


“Here we are.”

I gasped for a bit of breath as I took my final stride up the hill. It wasn’t really one of exasperation, just unatheleticness (I remember the last time I ran a mile– it was freshman year gym and the only bad grade that tainted my line of As).

“Are you okay?”

We made eye contact for the first time in 30 minutes. My eyes had been set on the dirt that moved beneath my feet, or the dirt that I moved over, whichever it was. Now i faced pools of blue, against more of the same.

“You haven’t said anything this whole time.”

I didn’t move. My face made no adjustments. I stood and I drowned.

“Okay, then.”

We broke our shared gaze. I jumped out of the pools and found myself gasping for air again.

quagmires, thoughts


Sorry I dragged you into this.

But isn’t it fun to go for a swirl?

Forget about those things and spend days in a whirl-

wind of options so blinding and unbinding,

unsuspecting of dangers and whims that may or may not lie ahead of us.

We are being caught up in frenzies

that seem like a haze.

Yet memories have never seemed

this clearly defining.