little blurbs

written some time ago

nostalgia smells like sterile love and kindred feeling whippling in the air
like, before what we knew it was like to be apart,
it seemed to mean every moment together

little blurbs

when the song ends

slowly i will forget you. The soft sound that loudly embraced love like no other. the music you played me. The music you were. the songs you liked that i listened to because i loved. the songs we shared. i will forget what your voice sounds like when its singing me to sleep. i will forget because otherwise i will imagine it. i will know it is away from me.


today and those that follow

I am obsessed

with the details of today.

I thought it over and I’m thinking it over and I believe I understand

the implications of my actions and the thought behind yours.

I love being the love

the care of your day on a series of days when you desperately need it,

but especially on days when it’s just the frosting

on something that is already okay.

I can do that, I think.

I can be there, I believe.

I will be better than what you expect of me.

Not exactly what you want me to be

but beyond anything that was so clearly

a perfect match.

to smile when you see me–

that is enough

to be dangerously what I lust


A one way love,

or a two way dependency that continues down

becoming a small, stealthy,

pathway to being distraught

that we so failed to recognize because

we were wandering and did not ask to end up on this path.

I just thought that waking up this morning

and having my love lie in my arms,

kissing your cheek indefinitely,

meant no direction was needed:

if everything was inevitable

if it all led to this.